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Pastor Julie during the Children's Sermon

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The Oldest Leaf


I’m reluctant to admit that I was glad to see that the trail through the recently clear-cut woods at the Navarino Wildlife Area had been re-opened.  Why tidy up all those limbs that had been hacked off living beings and strewn about?  Through a killing field, I’d rather stumble and stagger than stride. No longer shall the trees of that field clap their hands. 

I happened to have read on one of the educational signs along the way last Friday that the practice of clear-cutting sections out at Navarino helps keep the forest young.  What’s wrong, I asked myself, with an old growth forest?  In some circles, old growth forests are extolled, admired.  Here, inexplicably, not.  I guess we do live in a social order where young revelers are oblivious to the fact that infections picked up at their COVID parties might find their way to the innumerable places where they come into contact with vulnerable elders.  Like grandma.

Sunday Bible Study July 12


Jonah this Sunday, July 12 at 9:15 via ZOOM

Jonah, the greatest fish story ever told! But there is more to Jonah than just the story of the great fish. Join us Sunday for the rest of the story!

Another World


Another World

I know it’s getting to be old hat, but last Friday I was lost again at the Navarino Wildlife Area.  I was following one of the two parallel trails leading south from Town Line Road. There are a few east – west trails connecting them, so Friday, I thought I’d take one I had never taken before. 

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