Holy Doughnuts!

Throughout the history of religion,  the circle has been a symbol of the Eternal, and so it is at Grace Lutheran Church; we have Holy Donuts!  From the second Sunday of September to the third Sunday of May, young people grades 7 – 12 and beyond gather for Holy Donuts (9:15 – 10:15 a.m.), with actual donuts appearing on secret Sundays.  Starting with a snack and a 2- minute devotion in the BC room in the basement of our education wing, young people are free to go to the Holy Donuts room (ping pong, pool, foosball) or stay in the BC room (air hockey, shuffleboard, board games, and etc.) In BC and Holy Donuts rooms you can find out about and sign up for upcoming youth events, mission trips, service projects, and more.  For questions, please email Pastors Julie or Larry at pastorjulie@gracegb.org or pastorlarry@gracegb.org, though the day of the appearance of Holy Donuts shall not be revealed.