When and Where

Between the second Sunday of September and the third Sunday of May, we welcome all children from age 3rd – 6th grade to Sunday School!  Sunday School begins at 9:15 a.m. and ends at 10:15 a.m.  For questions about Sunday School, please e-mail Pastor Larry at pastorlarry@gracegb.org, or stop by the Sunday School office between worship services on Sundays and talk to a friendly volunteer there.  Registration forms are available there, or you can request a form from Pastor Larry at pastorlarry@gracegb.org.   We conduct regular background checks for our teachers and helpers who also regularly review and sign our Safe Practice Policies.

All Sunday School Students

Most weeks, our Organist, Denise Zenko, spends some time with our Sunday School, teaching songs, playing simple tunes on xylophones, or just beating drums!

Several times during the Sunday School year, children have time during class for art projects in our art room called “Creation Station!”  One Sunday, our art teacher, Jessi Zimmerman, had the children make horns so they could, like Joshua, bring down the walls of Jericho!  On special occasions, Sunday School teachers may gather all the children for a video in our movie theater room with real movie theater seats and surround sound!

Christmas Program

Children can also participate in a Christmas program at the 10:30 a.m. worship service a week or two before Christmas.  These programs differ slightly every year, but always give the kids a chance, in drama and music, to share the Good News of the birth of Jesus!

Because regularly sharing offerings has been a faith practice since Biblical times, our children receive offering envelopes.  Half of their offerings support Grace Lutheran Church, while the other half is dedicated to a special giving project so children can see all kinds of different ways to let their light shine.  In the past, the children have supported Heifer Project International, Lutheran World Relief, and our Food Pantry.

Children Ages 3 through First Grade

Parents are welcome to stay in class with their children until they’re sure their children are happy there.  It won’t take long!  All children receive a story bible.  These are designed just for their age level, full of colorful pictures and simplified versions of stories in the Old and New Testaments for parents to read to children and for young readers to begin to learn to read on their own!  Learn more about the story bible they receive.

Grades 2 – 6

Second graders receive another bible written for their age level after a Saturday morning Welcome to the Bible! gathering in the fall.  Learn more about the Contemporary English Version of the Bible they receive.  Sunday School lessons each week are based on the most important stories in the Bible.  In the fall, the stories are from the Hebrew Scriptures; in the winter and spring, children learn the stories about Jesus and his teachings.