Activities for Youth and Young Adults

There’s always something going on in for youth (grades 7 – 12) and young adults: lock-ins, family fun and servant events, mission trips, and our annual activities below. Some of our recent events have included Ga Ga Ball, Kickball in the Snow, Curling, Roller Skating, a trip to Maribel Cave, and Gnome Games for kids of all ages!  Here are the Upcoming Youth and Family Events. Here are some of our Annual Activities:

Annual Activities

Shanty Town

Each year for almost 20 years, our youth and their chaperones try to learn something about what it’s like to be homeless. In the green space near our parking lot, we build overnight in shelters made out of cardboard boxes. And sleep in them overnight. No matter what the weather. Shanty Town activities vary but always include a service project, a video on the topic of homelessness, candlelight devotions, and a campfire in the church parking lot. Recent Shanty Towns have been in early November.


“Lock-ins” are an ancient and curious church tradition. They allow young people to do something they like to do: stay up all night. Lock in activities vary and have included dodgeball, escape the outdoors (a variation on an escape room), scavenger hunts, progressive dinners using food from Bible times, Capture the Flag, candlelight devotions, and movies. Usually people fall asleep around 4:00 a.m., but it’s not a requirement.