Giving Memorial Gifts at Grace

Upon the death of loved ones, families often designate a ministry or project at Grace to support with memorial gifts (Radio Fund, Camper/Mission Trip Scholarships, Altar Cloths, etc.) If you would like help identifying ministries or projects at Grace in need of funding, please contact one of the pastors.  Some families can’t decide on a specific purpose for memorial gifts or are content to have the Council decide how best to use those gifts. Council has decided that undesignated memorials will be shared in the same manner as undesignated bequests.

Undesignated Bequests

Sometimes people leave money to Grace in their wills, but do not specify what ministry or project they wanted their gift to support. In this case, their gifts are put to good use:

  • 37.5% of undesignated bequests go to Capital Improvements.
  • 37.5% goes to the General Fund Reserve Fund which can be used to cover temporary cash flow shortfalls.
  • 25% goes to the Mission Endowment Fund. Learn more about the Mission Endowment Fund.