Members’ Envelope Offerings

Members of Grace receive personalized offering envelopes in the mail every quarter, and there’s an offering envelope for every Sunday.  Unless otherwise marked on the offering envelope, Sunday offerings are applied to our Unified Budget.  Members also receive Holiday and Special Offering Envelopes with their Sunday Envelopes.

The Unified Budget Explained!

  • 94% of Unified Budget offerings goes to our general fund expenses which include staff, utility, and programing costs.
  • 2% of Unified Budget offerings goes to Capital Improvements. The Board of Structures and Grounds uses those funds for all kinds of substantial projects for our building and grounds: new computers, room renovations, new outside doors, partial costs for repaving the parking lot and purchasing a new boiler.
  • 4% of Unified Budget offerings goes to our Synod, the East Central Synod of Wisconsin.  
  • If you would like 100% of your offering to support Grace, please mark your check or envelope “General Fund.”


We give our holiday offerings away!

Holidays include

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Wednesdays in Lent
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Each year, the Board of Outreach decides what ministries our Holiday Offerings support. Ministries that have received our holiday offerings over the years include:

Members also receive Special Offering Envelopes with their quarterly envelope mailing. Offerings in Special Offering Envelopes support specific ministries both within Grace and outside Grace. Special Offering Envelopes include: