Since 1908

Our worship services are viewable online at

or listen Sundays on WDUZ Radio 1400 AM at 8:00 AM.

Worship with us Saturdays at 5:00 PM and Sundays at 8 & 10:30 AM

New To Grace?

Our Mission

We joyfully worship, grow in faith, and serve with Jesus as we invite and welcome our neighbors.

What To Expect


  • Our main entrance is our parking lot entrance off Monroe Street between Crooks and Moravian Streets.
  • There’s also parking on Moravian Street and Madison Street.
  • If there are no funerals, you may also use the Newcomer Funeral Home parking lot if necessary.

In-Person Worship

As of March 17th, the Back to Normal Committee has changed the COVID precautions for worship based the new CDC guidelines. Links to our services are found on this website (Online Worship tab) or on our Facebook page (Grace Lutheran Church Green Bay) or Twitter account (Grace Lutheran GB). Bulletins for the services are also available on our website.

Before Worship

  • Our only entrance is our Monroe Street Parking Lot entrance.
  • Masks are welcome, but not required, for any activity at Grace Lutheran Church.
  • If you have COVID symptoms, test positive, or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID, please remain at home to rest and recover!
  • N95 and KN95 masks are recommended to protect those who are vulnerable to COVID.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers remain available for those who use the building.
  • Offerings will still be collected in an Offering Box located at the entrance to the Sanctuary


  • We have begun singing all our worship music again!
  • We have begun to share the Peace by shaking hands. If you prefer not to share the peace in that way, please just continue to greet people by waving your hand.


  • Communion is offered at every regularly schedule worship service.
  • If you’re a baptized Christian and you believe, trust, and hope that Jesus Christ is truly present as we eat the bread and drink the wine or grape juice we serve in Holy Communion, you are welcome to receive communion at Grace.
  • Ushers will direct you forward for communion.
  • Communion is available in individual cups. After receiving communion, you may return to your seats by the side aisles to participate in the rest of the service.
  • Communion for Children: If your children have been instructed about communion at your church, they are welcome to commune at Grace! If not, all children are welcome to receive a blessing.
  • Please place the Guest and Member Information Cards in the box for them.
  • Coffee hours will begin again as soon as we have recruited and oriented adequate staffing for them.
  • You’re welcome to join our Sunday Adult Studies in-person in just down the hall from the exit to the sanctuary.


  • Please use our parlor (across from where you entered the nave) for restless babies and toddlers.
  • There’s also an accessible bathroom with a changing table. Our ushers can direct you there.

Is There A Dress Code?

No! Jesus welcomes everyone just as they are! So do we!

How Long is the Service?

About an hour.

Sunday School

Sunday School resumed in the Fall of 2021. Upon entering the Lobby, please ask for directions to our Sunday School office where you can learn about and begin to participate in Sunday School.

Sunday Adult Study

  • Please contact Pastor Larry at for a link to our Zoom Sunday Adult Studies.
  • Topics vary, but classes are designed to include visitors!

Worship Times


Mon, May 26th (Memorial Day) - Mon, Sept 1st (Labor Day)

Thursday: 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8 & 10 AM


Tuesday, September 2nd - Sunday, May 25th

Saturday: 5 PM
Sunday: 8 & 10:30 AM

Map and Directions

Becoming A Member of Grace

Becoming a member of Grace is a very simple process built on the assumption that your intent is to worship regularly, participate in the congregation's ministries, and grow as a disciple of Jesus.

New Member Gatherings

Held approximately 3 times a year, new members meet one of these times on a Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. During the gathering we will introduce ourselves to one another, review what we believe as Lutheran Christians, learn a little about the history of the Lutheran Church and spend time discussing the ministries of Grace. If you are interested in membership please contact Pastor Julie.

Non-member Church Participation

Can I participate in the church even though I'm not a member?

Absolutely! We welcome members and friends to participate in worship, learning and service. While certain responsibilities (serving on the congregation council or a board of the church and voting at congregational meetings) are reserved for confirmed members of Grace, all other ministry opportunities are available for your participation.

Can I be married in at Grace Lutheran if I'm not a member?

It’s a congregational policy that either one or both persons who marry at Grace must be members. We want to be your congregational home not just for a day but every day!