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Fall Sunday Adult Studies

November 12, 2019


Sunday Adult Studies:

Thru December 2019

November 17:  Congregational Meeting on Constitutional and Bylaw Changes

November 24:  ELCA Talking Points on what it means to be a Sanctuary Church.  Also what it means to be an AAMPARO “Welcoming Congregation” (AAMPARO = Accompanying Migrant Minors with Protection, Advocacy, Representation and Opportunities)



December 1 - 22:  Advent Reflections - You Shall Have a Song (This devotional book can be purchased in the parlor on Sunday or at the Sunday Bible Study.  The cost is $7.00)

For many of us, Advent is a busy time.  Taking time to reflect on the meaning of the season can help us forget some of the busy-ness and appreciate God’s presence each day  Study includes daily reflections, questions to ponder, and activities designed for individuals, groups and families to engage in the Advent task of preparing.