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In-person Worship

May 27, 2021



1.  Based on the new CDC guidelines for COVID precautions, the new plan started Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd.

2.  Participation in services if you have been fully vaccinated:

●  Because the CDC no longer considers masks necessary to protect fully vaccinated people in both indoor and outdoor settings, we will also no longer require masks for fully vaccinated worshippers.

●  Everyone is welcome to wear a mask as a safety precaution, but especially vaccinated worshippers with underlying conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID are free to continue to wear masks since masks offer extra protection.  Those underlying conditions include: cancer in the last 5 years, diabetes, any auto-immune disease.

3.  Participation in services if you have not yet been fully vaccinated:

●  The CDC is clear that there’s still a risk for infection if unvaccinated people don’t wear masks and observe social distancing, so for their own safety, we expect that unvaccinated people will continue to wear masks and observe social distancing.

4.  NEW:  We will no longer be taking reservations.

5.  Coming June 6:  All words for worship will be shared on the large screen during the 10:00 a.m. service.  The Board of Celebration has determined that words on the screen are helpful for parents with small kids, for people who have a hard time hearing, for guests who are used to words on screens, and for people who are visual learners.  The screen will still be used in limited ways at the Thursday and 8:00 a.m. services.

6.  Our Summer Service Schedule begins this week on Thursday, May 27:

●  Thursdays @ 5:30 p.m.

●  Sundays @ 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.

7.  We will still maintain a level of social distance between the pews. Every other

pew will be roped off. To make things perfectly clear, paper signs will be placed on

roped off pews.

8.  Before the Service:  Please still use only the Monroe Street lobby entrance. Other entrances will be locked.

●  NEW:  Hand sanitizer, masks, will still be available for use by unvaccinated people or for vaccinated people who feel safer with them.

●  NEW:  Markers for maintaining social distance will remain for those who should be observing social distancing.

9.  During the service:

●  Offerings will still be collected in an Offering Box located next to the Kidspace table.

●  Please let an usher know if you will be receiving communion in the pew.

●  Brief spoken responses will still be included in the bulletin in bold print as usual. Please feel free to respond.

●  NEW:  Sharing of the peace: Please share the peace with words or gestures while remaining in your pew.

●  NEW:  Children’s Sermons: Parents are welcome to send children to the front of the nave as usual. Unrelated children will be asked to observe 3 feet of social distancing as they are in school Pastors will wear masks since most children remain unvaccinated.

●  NEW:  the plastic shield will be removed from in front of the pulpit. Vaccinated lectors may read without wearing masks.

●  NEW:  Singing: We will begin inviting soloists who are vaccinated to share a song and the congregation will be invited to sing the Sending Hymn.

●  NEW:  Pencils will be available in the pews for filling out contact cards, etc. and will be spray cleaned after the Thursday and 8:00 a.m. service.

●  NEW:  Communion cups will no longer be spaced apart on the communion trays.

10. Communion: Ushers will direct you forward for communion.

●  Please take your coats, purses, filled-out contact cards, and other personal belongs with you. You will not return to your pew after communion. You may leave crayons and bulletins in the pews.

●  Hand sanitizer is available before communion.

●  From the trays on the communion tables, take one cup with a cube of bread in it and one cup with either grape juice or wine.

●  Children will receive a verbal blessing.

●  Please wait to consume the communion elements until you have exited into the hallway where you will receive a blessing from a pastor when possible.

●  There will be a trash container for empty cups there.

●  Please place contact cards in the contact card box.

●  Please exit the building immediately. Greeting/hand-shaking following the service will be restored later in the year. Conversations may be held outside.

●  Wood surfaces will continue to be cleaned between services.



●  On the back of the bulletin, you’ll find a contact card to use if you are a guest or if you are a member and would like to share your contact information changes, etc.

●  Members:  Once a year, please record that you have communed for record-keeping purposes.

●  There will be a box for contact cards only as you exit the sanctuary.


●  Our 8:00 a.m. radio service will still be simultaneously live-streamed on our YouTube channel, and links will still be available to it on Facebook and the website.

●  If you would like to schedule individual communion visits with the pastors, please contact them.


Posted by Ann Zehms