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New Community Shelter Meals

July 9, 2018


Grace provides the evening meal at the NEW Shelter the 2nd Saturday each month.  That consists of

  • 4 servers,
  • 7 desserts (24 servings each), and
  • 30 meatloaves (2 pounds each).  T

The sign-up sheet to volunteer to make and drop food off is on the desk in the parlor.   

  • Meat loaves need to be at the shelter by 11am, uncooked.  They will bake them there.  Please let someone know you are dropping off something that needs to be refrigerated when you bring those.  We have had issues in the past with them spoiling before anyone knows they are there. 
  • Desserts need to be there before 4:30pm. 
  • Servers need to be there by 4:30pm to help get everything ready for the meal.  The meal is served from 5pm to 6pm.  The servers can leave at 6pm.  The shelter helpers will clean up after the meal.  

If you need more information please contact Kitty Nagel at 339-0706 or  

  • If you would like to volunteer, it's as easy as signing up on the sheet on the desk in the parlor.  
  • If you volunteered for something and end up not being able to do it, please don't forget to call me so I can fill in for you. 

A huge thank you to all of you that participate in this very important ministry! 

Kitty Nagel