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Recommendations for In-person Worship for 50 People

July 29, 2020

1.  In-person worship will start Labor Day Weekend (unless the Committee deems the statewide COVID situation is unsafe to do so)

●  Saturday @ 5:00 p.m.

●  Sunday @ 8:00 a.m.

●  Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

2.  Our first communion services will be September 19 and 20.

3.  Designated seating will be arranged in the nave for a capacity of approximately 50, removing the pew cushions for every fourth pew, making sure that pews across aisles are not occupied.

4.  Overflow seating for approximately 40 will be available in the North Basement.  Audio will be available there for the service initially; eventually a live stream video will be available.

5.  Reservations:  will not be required initially; they could be used at some point, depending upon attendance.

6.  The Monroe Street Parking Lot Entrance will be the only entrance used.

7.  Worship will still be available online.

8.  Cleaning will be done before all the services.  Volunteers for this will be needed.

Parking Lot to Seating:

1. There will be social distancing markings for every potential traffic “bottleneck” outside and inside the church. 

2.  Entering the building: 

●  No health questions or form to fill out will be required for entry.

●  No temperature check will be required.

●  Hand sanitizer use is required for everyone upon entering and leaving the building.

●  Masks are required for everyone over age 2 while they’re in the building. 

●  Free masks will be available for those who forget theirs or come without one.

●  People leaving worship because they are experiencing sudden extreme discomfort wearing a mask may be seated in the parlor for the remainder of the service.

●  Everyone is welcome to worship if they’re feeling well (no fever or cough).

●  Individuals who are at high risk of illness: please continue to shelter at home.

●  Coats:  Please keep any outerwear with you.

In the Nave

1.  Only the back entrance will be used for an entrance to the nave. 

2.  Hand sanitizer will be available after people receive bulletins and before they receive communion. 

3.  Offerings will be collected in an Offering Box located at the top of the center aisle in the nave.

4.  Ushers will

●  hand out bulletins

●  encourage children to take children’s worship resources,

●  point out the offering box,

●  explain the designated, social distance seating in the nave: households may sit together; please keep 6 feet between non-household members.

●  provide pens/pencils as necessary,

●  continue to count worship participants, and when the nave has reached capacity, close the nave doors and post a sign to indicate capacity has been reached,

●  direct people downstairs to overflow location, and

●  remain stationed at both occupied worship locations. 

5.  Sharing of the Peace will not involve touch or movement.

6.  Spoken responses:  short spoken responses are permissible: Amen and other prayer responses, Confession, Lord’s Prayer, Peace be with you, etc.

7.  Pastors will continue to think about safe ways Children’s Sermons could be done.

8.  Greeting/hand-shaking following the service will not be part of worship at this time.

9.  Congregational singing will not be part of worship at this time 

Bulletins, Children’s Bulletins, Hymnals, Supplies

1.  Hymnals, envelopes, communion cards, pencils will no longer be available in pews.

2.  Bulletins:

●  Bulletins will no longer be reused.

●  Please take your bulletins home or recycle them at the exit. 

●  E-bulletins will be available for smart phones or tablets. To protect bandwidth, please download bulletins at home OR while not connected to Grace’s guest network.

●  Please bring supplies for children’s use of worship resources.  Small packs of crayons and pencils will be available for those who forget to bring them or for guests.

3.  Communion cards/guest cards will be included in bulletins for members to use

●  once a year to record communion for membership purposes

●  to update membership information

●  and to indicate a need for a pastoral call.

●  Guests will also be invited to use the cards for contact purposes.

●  It will be announced that these cards will be used for tracing purposes if necessary.

For Those Who are Uncomfortable Participating in In-Person Worship …

Scheduled Communion at Grace for At-risk People:  Once communion is available at Grace, appointments can be made for communion in the sanctuary (or other rooms as available) for people who are at-risk.  Communion will be made available following the building-use rules and applicable communion procedures (will be published later).

Homebound Communion Visitation may resume once it is allowed by Nursing Homes and once rapid results COVID tests are more readily available.  Guidelines for Communion Visitors have not yet been developed.

Volunteer Needs as We Prepare for In-person Worship

As you can see from our in-person worship plan, worship will be different.  We’ll be contacting those of you who serve as ushers, communion assistants, lectors, and members of altar guild to see if you’ll be able to serve again this fall.  But there are also lots of new ways to serve to make worship happen.  If you would like to serve in one of the following new worship ministries, please contact the Church Office at 432 0308 or Dean at 362-6662.

Thank you!


Cleaning Team Members

●  Beginning, Saturday, September 5,

●  we need teams of 4 people following every worship service

●  to spray with disinfectant and wipe down the approximately 20 pews reserved for worship, the seating used in the overflow area, and the high touch areas in the sanctuary and overflow area.


Cleaning rag laundering

●  We need one volunteer per week to launder rags used for disinfection

●  Rags can be picked up any weekday at church between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and returned on Sundays.

Preparing the Sanctuary for In-person Worship:

●  For the week of August 10 – 13,

●  we need teams of two people to work each day for a 2 hour shift (9:00 – 11:00 a.m.)

●  to prepare the sanctuary for worship including

●  moving pew cushions,

●  removing pencils and paper products from the pews, and

●  removing and moving hymnals and bibles


If you would like to serve in one of the following new worship ministries, please contact the Church Office at 432 0308 or Dean at 362-6662 or email us at


Thank you!



Posted by Ann Zehms