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August 25, 2021


Sunday, September 26th, 6:15 pm

Pr Rebecca’s House (call for details)

SECOND GATHERING!!  Announcing a new opportunity to meet monthly, work on handwork of your choice (knit, crochet, embroider, sort puzzle pieces, whatever), have munchies and drinks, get started on your Christmas gifts, and be humans in community.  Open to all adults.  We also intend on doing some carpooling to special yarn and/or fabric stores, Llama farms, etc.  Interested?  Contact Pr Rebecca (; 920-819-5482).  Interested but feel that you are craft-challenged? She’s always got something up her sleeve…. Initially, we’ll meet at her house on Sunday afternoons, and if the Packers are playing, we’ll put the TV on so you can keep an eye on things.