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Undy 500

June 25, 2020


We’re still calling it the “Undy 500”!  However, this year the Board of Outreach is requesting that instead of purchasing socks and underwear for the Back to School Store, members of Grace make financial contributions.  The Back to School Store organizers will then purchase the exact items they need as they provide school supplies to over 3000 low-income students in the Green Bay School District.

Please send in your financial donation to Grace by August 1 and indicate that it is for the “Undy 500”.  Keep watching the newsletters, and you will be able to see how well we are doing as we support this important program!

New Community Shelter Meals

July 9, 2018


Grace provides the evening meal at the NEW Shelter the 2nd Saturday each month.  That consists of

  • 4 servers,
  • 7 desserts (24 servings each), and
  • 30 meatloaves (2 pounds each).  T

The sign-up sheet to volunteer to make and drop food off is on the desk in the parlor.