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The Candle Light

November 6, 2018


Last Friday, just after the Sabbath sunset, people from all over Green Bay gathered on the sidewalk along the side and front of Congregation Cnesses Israel Synagogue.  Most of those who had gathered, as requested, had a candle of some kind.  Som

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Anti-Semitism Was Born in Christian Souls

October 30, 2018


Anti-Semitism Was Born in Christian Souls. 

Anti-Semitism was born in Christian souls.  European Christians blamed the death of Jesus on the Jewish People, despite the fact that both the Creeds and the Gospels make it clear that the Roma

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The Starlings

October 23, 2018


At sunset yesterday on the 80 Acre Flowage at the Navarino Wildlife Area a stream of starlings, chattering among themselves quietly, flew by me across the water toward the narrowing east end of the flowage, lavender with clouds.  In the distance,

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The Sunset

October 16, 2018


Near the time of sunset Saturday, a horizon-wide quilt of small, cotton puff clouds happened to be spreading from the west towards us when the sun’s last rays painted the clouds a rich pink, sending a beautiful symbol of the transforming power o

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The American Oil Beetle

October 9, 2018


Yesterday I wrapped a forty pound concrete block in an old blanket, dropped it in Katie’s backpack, and took it out to the Navarino Wildlife Area.  I became quite familiar with the concept of gravity yesterday, though I think sitting under a tr

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The Dusky Gopher Frog

October 2, 2018


Since last week’s trip to the Navarino Wildlife Area, whoever is in charge over there took the caterpillar track trail clearer machine out in the woods, flattening numerous saplings, some oaks even, along the trail’s edge.  I’ve seen the fo

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The Fungus Humungous

September 25, 2018


Lots of mushrooms are growing in the woods.

The yellow one is called the American Eastern Fly Agaric.  It is poisonous for us to eat, b

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The Next Reformation

September 18, 2018


I was a little sheepish about admitting I was trying to talk to tundra swans out at the Navarino Wildlife area.  Yet duck hunters apparently talk to ducks so they can eat them.  Compared to that, I have nothing to be ashamed of.  Better than th

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The Showy Sunflowers

September 11, 2018


Growing in the gaps between curbs and sidewalks and between the sidewalk and the home on the corner of Monroe and Crooks, Showy Sunflowers have now formed a tall, flowery wall around that home.

I noticed this unseemly outbreak of prairie p

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The Squirrel Part 2

September 5, 2018


We have a rectangular, concrete step for the side door of our house that was poured on our driveway that is immediately adjacent to our house.

When you’re facing the house, against the house, in the corner formed by the step, I found a l

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