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Pastor's Blog

The Juncos

October 17, 2017


The juncos are back.

Because our garage is now gone, I’ve been able to see our entire backyard without going outside, and last week there were the juncos out there, hopping around, looking for something to eat in a place that no bird has been for … like … all fall and summer!  I don’t know what they were finding, but they seemed very happy, very intent.  They eat bugs of all kinds, but also berries and seeds.  I haven’t seen them since, so maybe they ate everything in sight.  Or maybe they just ate their daily bread as part of a trip further south.

The (Luther) Rose

October 10, 2017

The Turkish Sultan was threatening to invade Europe.  The “Holy Roman Emperor” was trying to make peace between Lutherans and Catholics, so together they could make war on the invaders.  Martin Luther was officially “banned” by the Emperor and could not attend the discussions between the Lutherans and Catholics being held in Augsburg in 1530.  The little world of Europe was in an uproar because of Luther’s Reformation.

The Sunflower

October 3, 2017


The Sunflower

On the corner of Chicago and Monroe in downtown Green Bay, Showy Sunflowers are beginning to take over the City.