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The Mother of All Mushrooms

September 9, 2019


Gotta be honest.  The 1977 margarine commercials in which Mother Nature appeared as a benevolent goddess wearing a fairy godmother gown, daisies in her hair, wandering among friendly animals, served as a visual amen to my already uncritical regard for her.  Even though she called lightning down on the makers of margarine who fooled her into thinking it was butter, that was empty bluster.  A raccoon put his paws over his eyes.  Big deal.  Mother Nature, I still felt, was a winsome life force pervading the planet.  You could lift spaceships out of mud with it.  All this in 1977. 

 A Living Life-Giver

Question of the Week (of the Summer!)

September 3, 2019


“Is it true that the thorn crown worn by Jesus when he was getting crucified was held at the Notre Dame Cathedral?”

After returning from sabbatical, I found one question in the Question of the Week box.