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The Question of the Week

March 4, 2019


The Questions of the Week come from our Kidspace children’s welcome center Question Box. Pastor Larry will do his best to keep up with them!

How long was Samson’s hair when they cut it off?

According to Samson’s story, he served as a “judge” for 20 years.  We don’t know when Samson started serving as a judge, but he was a young man … let’s say 20 … so add 20 years and you get 40.  If you grew your hair for 40 years, how long would it be?  Although the world record for hair length is 13 feet long, usually individual strands of hair grow to only 3 feet.  So that’s probably how long Samson’s hair would have been when it was cut off.  Here’s the whole story about Samson:

The Story of Samson:  Judges 13 – 16

Samson was a “judge” for the people of Israel for 20 years.  Before Israel had kings, God called men and women to rule over the people of Israel and help defend them from enemies when needed.

Samson’s birth was a little like Jesus’ birth.  The angel that told his mom she would have a baby also told his mom that his hair should never be cut.  Later in the story we learn that if his hair were cut he would lose his great strength.

Samson’s stories are stories of his strength in fights against the Philistine people who were ruling over Israel.  Two of those stories are also about how the Philistines got secrets about Samson from of his wife. 

Delilah was Samson’s last wife.  She was a Philistine.  The Philistines offered Delilah money to get the secret of his strength.  Eventually she sold the secret, and the Philistines came, cut his hair, and bound him in rings of bronze.  The Philistines thought they had finally captured their worst enemy.

During a festival celebrating this, Samson was made to entertain the Philistines while he was standing between two pillars that held up the roof of the building where the festival was held.  Samson prayed for God to give him his strength back, so he could push the pillars over and collapse the house on the thousands of Philistine people who were at the party.  This is what Samson did.

This is a very sad story about Israel and the Philistines killing each other because they were enemies.

Jesus taught us to love our enemies.  We follow Jesus.

The best thing about Samson’s story is that God gives us strength to do hard things: like love our enemies.

Posted by Ann Zehms