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The Question of the Week 8

May 21, 2019


 “Why doesn’t God come down with Jesus?”

1.      God did come down with Jesus.

2.      To explain how, I have to talk about the Trinity.

3.      It took the church 700 years to figure out the Trinity.  So if it takes you another 699 years to figure this out, that’s just about right.

4.      Christians have a different idea about God.  It’s called the Trinity.  Sometimes we use the Nicene Creed to talk about God in worship.  One part of this Creed helps us figure out the Trinity.  The Nicene Creed says that Jesus is “one Being with the Father.”  Which at first doesn’t sound too helpful at all.  The word “being” is a word for what God is made out of.  Some tables are made out of wood.  What is God made out of?  I like to think God is made out of the power of love.  God the Father, Jesus his son, and the Holy Spirit are all made out of the power of love.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are “one Being with the Father.” 

5.      The power of love is invisible.  Like electricity running in a wire is invisible. That’s why I can say God did come down with Jesus.  Jesus was a human being just like us, BUT he was filled with the power of love; he was filled with the “being” of God.  Just like a copper wire is filled with electricity, the human being Jesus was filled with the power of love.  Always.  So God was here when Jesus was here.

6.      There’s lots more to say about the Trinity.  We celebrate the Trinity on June 9, right after Pentecost Sunday, which is when we celebrate how God was here when the Holy Spirit is here. 

Pastor Larry


Posted by Larry Lange