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Psalm a Day Lenten Devotional

Psalm a Day Lenten Devotions Week Six: Community

April 8, 2019

Psalm a Day Lenten Devotions
Week Six: Community

Monday          8-April            Psalm 103

Tuesday          9-April            Psalm 104

Wednesday    10-April           Psalm 108

Thursday        11-April          Psalm 113

Friday             12-April          Psalm 116

Saturday         13-April          Psalm 117

Sunday            14-April          Psalm 118


Questions to consider:

Faith is formed in community through caring relationships. Take a moment to name your faith mentors. Who do you mentor?


What gifts do you bring to Sunday worship? Are there ways you like to be regularly involved in worship? Do you feel God calling you to recommit yourself to worshipping in community through your presence and participation?



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Posted by Ann Zehms