Fairly Traded Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate

A Cup of Coffee isn’t Just a Cup of Coffee!

The first weekend of every month* our lobby becomes a tiny marketplace for small farmers all over the world to sell coffee, tea, hot chocolate, baking chocolate, and chocolate bars at prices that truly reflect their costs and that guarantee them a fair profit.  These farmers are, in turn, able to invest in health and education projects in their communities.  They also often receive help learning to farm organically and sustainably.  When you buy the cheapest coffee in the store, you miss a tremendous opportunity to make a difference for good in the world!

If you run out before the next Equal Exchange weekend, just call the church office at 920-432-0308, and your order will be ready for pick-up the next weekday.

*Some months it’s the second weekend.  You’ll find all the weekends for this years’ Fairly Traded Sales here, or call the church office at 920-432-0308.